14 November 2007

Setting up a CRS tank - Step 2

The Aquarium Tank Setup

Step# 2 - In this section, we discuss the fundamental equipment and materials required for tank setup as well as how to handle them. Bear in mind that any brand recommended are solely individual's preferences, you may substitute similar products from other leading brands of your choice.

Equipment List:

Always wash your newly acquired tank regardless of the condition. It does not take much effort, simply use a sponge to run through the tank inside surface and drain out the water. Then fill the tank with water and soak it for at least a day. Drain out the water and dry the tank. Never use detergent to wash your tank. If you really want to wash it clean, you can use a bit of aquarium salt to soak or wash it.

Next, place the Under Gravel Filter at the bottom before putting the gravel. There are several methods of using UGF, this method is based on the concept of The Nitrogen Cycle.

In this design, the UGF serves as a biological mechanism to help breakdown waste, air is pump into two inlet pipes at both end of the tank to provide sufficient oxygen required by the nitrifying bacteria.

What Gravel to use?

You can use any soil gravel, however I recommend to use either GEX Soil or Magic Soil, both are from Japan. I prefer using Japanese Magic Soil with UGF, the gravel is bigger in size and does not contain too much debris as compare to other leading brand.

For this tank size (91x 45x61cm), 3 packs (10 litres each) will be used. Evenly spread out the first pack and make sure it covers both inlet pipes of the UGF. With Magic Soil, no base fertilizer is needed.

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